An Industry Leader in Superb Hardscape Solutions

About Paver Technologies

Paver Technologies (PaverTech) researches, develops, manufactures, and distributes products to the hardscape and concrete paver industries. PaverTech started as a collaboration between Tim and Rick Berry and Bill Eliason, who are leaders in their respective fields.

In May 2016, PaverTech acquired Paverloc Inc., which was a hardscape materials company established in Vero Beach, FL by hardscape installers Tim and Rick Berry. Tim and Rick were the creators of the original dry bonding mix that revolutionized the installation of thin pavers over concrete.

Bill Eliason saw tremendous potential in Paverloc Inc. and said, “the Berry brothers' bonding agent is amazing and will positively change the paver industry forever. The formula had a wide range of applications, but needed improvements, we knew it could be ready for the global market, so we acquired the company and began to chemically enhance the product.” The new name for the bonding agent is DriBond®. Other products will soon follow.

“We often amaze ourselves at the beauty of our work and how much it improves the appearance of our customers’ homes. In the end, our customers are always pleased and thrilled they made the investment.”
– Tim Berry

About Our Team

Here at Paver Technologies, our team has more than 70 years of combined experience in the hardscape industry. We have experience in everything, from installation and design to sales and management. Our company is a leader in thin paver installation.

Tim Berry

Has More Than 32 Years of Experience and the Founder of the Original DriBond® Formula

Rick Berry

Has More Than 12 Years of Experience

Chris Dardis

Has More Than 18 Years of Experience and Fourth-Generation Mason